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To Complete or Not Complete

That face when you are mostly sure that a short story is done, but you don’t know if you’re brave enough to balls up and publish it. We’ve all been there, and we know it. Well, this is the first time I’ve been there, and I’m horrified! Sure, I want to get the ball rolling before I unveil the big picture, just like anyone else…but it is a very big leap. Continue reading “To Complete or Not Complete”

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Stuck in Muck

Ever have one of those months where you keep applying to jobs, you call and call and call, they finally give you a date for an interview…then you have to call and call and call some more, then a week to a month later you only find out that you didn’t get the job? I feel like this has been my life lately. I already have a part-time job -my hours have been cut even more since an old employee came back into work- but, gee, I would love to make enough money to move out of my parent’s house. Or to pay off some loans. And everyone says “just go get a job!” well…don’t you think I’m trying? Honestly, I hate that phrase. Continue reading “Stuck in Muck”

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Food for Thought

Last night I was drinking with my dearest buddy, and watching the Gods of Egypt movie. I know, I know, everyone thinks one of three things about this movie-

1: Hey, look at these actors! Man, these are attractive people… *adjusts pants*

2: Ugh, this white-washing is horrid. How dare they hire white actors for this non-white story? This is so wrong, people must be offended by this!

3: Wow, sure the computer effects are sort of a lot, but it doesn’t kill the movie. This is an interesting way to show this story, and is well acted and portrayed. The story shouldn’t be effected by the race of the person who is playing in it -it should be allowed to be an Asian, a Frenchman or a Native American. Continue reading “Food for Thought”