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Lately, I’ve been running very much out of time…two jobs, hobbies, friends, and on top of all of that…writing is suppose to happen?! Continue reading “Time?”

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What Happened?!

I turn my back for one moment and how many days have gone by? Jesus, I’m a lazy fuck. To be fare, last night I did unwind -much needed after this week- with some video games on ye olde PC. But a decent amount has happened in the last week of my life.  Continue reading “What Happened?!”

Creative · Hobbies · Life · New · Thoughts · Writing

Tackling the Beast

Alright. I’ve had five days without soda, I’m getting ready to eat as healthy as I can afford, taking on more hours from both jobs, and getting on the work-out train. On top of all of this, I get to start working on my story. I’ve made a few pages of progress over the last few days, but I plan to use what I can of my free time to write, write, write! Anyone else in this boat?

Continue reading “Tackling the Beast”