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Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post, guys! Sorry about the lull in activity, although I’m sure you all have many a thing and blog to have kept you busy in my mild absence. I’ve had my first day of my second job, and my original job actually used my sales idea, so we were getting stuff ready for that. I have been more busy in the last few days than I have been in some time; paper work for the second job, writing on my magnum opus, canning some preserves and pickles…busy bitch, me! Continue reading “Time”

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Stuck in Muck

Ever have one of those months where you keep applying to jobs, you call and call and call, they finally give you a date for an interview…then you have to call and call and call some more, then a week to a month later you only find out that you didn’t get the job? I feel like this has been my life lately. I already have a part-time job -my hours have been cut even more since an old employee came back into work- but, gee, I would love to make enough money to move out of my parent’s house. Or to pay off some loans. And everyone says “just go get a job!” well…don’t you think I’m trying? Honestly, I hate that phrase. Continue reading “Stuck in Muck”

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Cherry Post

Okay! This is the first post, popping the cherry so to speak. A little about me, I’m living the current “American Dream;” meaning that I have a dead-end, part-time job, and lots of right-brained talent that the system doesn’t recognize as big money-making skill. Hence, I blog. I’m currently working on my first book and look forward to complaining about the self-publishing process here- I’m sure it’ll be an interesting journey! Continue reading “Cherry Post”