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Lately, I’ve been running very much out of time…two jobs, hobbies, friends, and on top of all of that…writing is suppose to happen?! Continue reading “Time?”

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What Happened?!

I turn my back for one moment and how many days have gone by? Jesus, I’m a lazy fuck. To be fare, last night I did unwind -much needed after this week- with some video games on ye olde PC. But a decent amount has happened in the last week of my life.  Continue reading “What Happened?!”

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Tackling the Beast

Alright. I’ve had five days without soda, I’m getting ready to eat as healthy as I can afford, taking on more hours from both jobs, and getting on the work-out train. On top of all of this, I get to start working on my story. I’ve made a few pages of progress over the last few days, but I plan to use what I can of my free time to write, write, write! Anyone else in this boat?

Continue reading “Tackling the Beast”

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Sweet Relief

My laptop is up and running! For those who follow me on other places –Facebook and Twitter– I dropped a bunch of water on my baby yesterday, and now it is all better!

I’ve been waiting all week to type.

And now that my tech is feeling better than ever, I’m going to go and catch up on my word count goal! Not sure if I’ll make it, but I would like to get really close!!! Drop a comment of encouragement and show some support! It really helps me keep chugging along!