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Surprised at the Flow

The last couple days I have been writing non-stop. The flow has been very nice, though, to be honest, very surprising. Every now and then I’ll hit a stride and everything will fall into place, my peer reviews are better, plot falls into place and my characters stop hating me as much for what I put them through. Honestly, I love having a good flow, and I believe I can attribute that to having a really positive attitude lately. Finding balance between my two jobs has made it easier to allow time for typing/editing and other hobbies -such as my canning/pickling. Continue reading “Surprised at the Flow”

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Oh, the pleasures of editing! I personally like to edit other people’s work while I work on my own. It keeps me on my toes about grammar and sentence structure in my own writing, as well as paragraph size variance and other minor details I like to notice while I’m writing/editing. I’m about to come up to sixty pages in my own story, and it’s about time I read back through and added/took away details, sentences and things like that.  Continue reading “Editing”

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So Good You Get Worried

Alright, normally I’m not one to complain about things going my way, or having a crazy lucky break…but shit, I must have just cashed in all my ‘good karma’ points or something! Mostly green lights, got the job I actually wanted -and the schedule I wanted from the first one- along with being able to move forward in my story without so much as a hitch. I’m beginning to get a little worried that I’m going to die soon or something. Continue reading “So Good You Get Worried”

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Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post, guys! Sorry about the lull in activity, although I’m sure you all have many a thing and blog to have kept you busy in my mild absence. I’ve had my first day of my second job, and my original job actually used my sales idea, so we were getting stuff ready for that. I have been more busy in the last few days than I have been in some time; paper work for the second job, writing on my magnum opus, canning some preserves and pickles…busy bitch, me! Continue reading “Time”

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Working, Writing and Other

Well, I officially have a second job! Now I can actually -hopefully- afford to live and keep writing; one can only be a “starving artist” for so long without actually dying, you know? Last post I was speaking about multitasking between jobs and hobbies and life, and now I am putting myself to the ULTIMATE test: Adulting. Continue reading “Working, Writing and Other”