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Lately, I’ve been running very much out of time…two jobs, hobbies, friends, and on top of all of that…writing is suppose to happen?!

No idea where the last two weeks have gone. Sure, I’ve bullied my way to getting a raise, and impressed both boss-types, but where did the actual time go? I haven’t written at all! I feel so useless in the realm of writing! And  let me tell you, I AM useless -my characters have been letting me know all about that. *slams face into laptop*

My bestie has scheduled my first actual day off in a few months to be tomorrow, so if I get some spare time I would like to do, at least, a few pages. We took a look at my schedule since November, and I’ve rarely had any ‘actual’ days to myself, and I think it’s starting to finally show. So, tomorrow I don’t have to people until about six when we have D&D.

I look forward to this.

Sleeping in, relaxing, actually having some tea…reading, writing, drawing, playing some card games. All of this is a possible plan for tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

Hopefully in the next month or so, I will be able to start working on shaving hours and focusing more on just one job -the one I actually enjoy, and want to work at. Until then, I’m doomed to be a six and a half day work week kind of bitch.

If I add to my word count tomorrow, I will post about it and let you all know that I’m not a total failure!

You’re all great~

~A tired and used up, H&A


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