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What Happened?!

I turn my back for one moment and how many days have gone by? Jesus, I’m a lazy fuck. To be fare, last night I did unwind -much needed after this week- with some video games on ye olde PC. But a decent amount has happened in the last week of my life. 

First things first, one of my fellow employees was tossed onto the chopping block for having a second job at another game store -first job does video games, the second does more D&D/board games- which would have meant that me and another employee would probably get fired as well. We all have two jobs, and at the same two places! Thankfully my manager calmed the owner of the company down and explained how the two stores were, in fact, different, and saved my friend from being fired.

On that note, I’ve been running job #1’s Facebook for a few months now, and the same man who was ready to fire my friend decided he liked what I was doing and offered me a raise, as well as wanting me to “spearhead” the social media for most of the stores. Teaching them how to post, when, all that jazz. Which I’m fine with, but the guy is so…moody. I’m just glad I don’t have to work with him in person, and get to stay in the store I’m currently working in. On top of that, I’m also job #2’s social media base -I post more than the owners do at some points! But they are great and totally trust me with it. If they were a slightly bigger company I would ask for a raise; can’t wait for that six month review!

On top of all of that, my hours increased for the week due to an event, so I had zero time to really do anything but work and sleep. Except for last night, which was great. Me and the bestie had gluten-free pizza, and I’ve never been happier playing my game of being chased by cannibals. If you haven’t played The Forest, do it -but bring a change of pants!

I’m hoping to get some writing done over the weekend -maybe- with the six-day work week it’s been a bit hard to want to do anything on my day off. You feel me? And on said day off, I am DMing a D&D 5e group, for the first time may I add, and our first session went wonderfully. Of course, now they are collar deep -except the half giant- in sewage under the city. I’m  the best DM, dropping my players in shit. 🙂

All in all, the week has gone by so fucking fast my head is almost spinning. I’m hoping things calm down a little bit, because I do have some projects of my own I wish to complete some day.

*cough* novel *cough*

This new year has been a busy one, and sweet fuck, it’s only two weeks in! If this is my glimpse of the year ahead, I will be a very productive bee and possibly even have my shared apartment with my bestie by summer. It’s nice to dream…but I guess only time will tell on this.

I plan to post again tomorrow, but forgive me if I don’t get around to it! I’m still thinking of all of you on the daily, though, so that is at least something. Anyone else out there feeling a bit busy? How are your new years going? Drop a comment, I’d love to get some internet interactions!


~P.S…I snagged some rum for tonight, as well as Coke. I’m off soda, but shotting requires a chaser! Going to relax tonight for sure!


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