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Lack of Crack-Erm, Sugar

Withdrawals are a bitch!

I’ve been slowly cutting extra sugar from my diet -mainly soda and the like- and as of the new year, I’m three days sober. And I’ve got the headache to prove it! Neck, shoulders, head and upper face, all of them are sore and require Ibuprofen. I’m also on a limit of that as well, to help with the negative reinforcement -if it makes me hurt to not have it, why do I need it?

I’m back on the path of trying to find my balance. December…well, that was a thing and I willingly jumped off the wagon to keep things from exploding. So! Now that all of that craziness has passed, I’m clawing my way to the front of the wagon and taking the reigns like that driver-douche everyone hates in traffic. But I accept this, and eagerly await the challenges that lie ahead. I’ve even started off with making Bento for lunch today -trial run to see if this size box will keep my fed or if I will starve at the end of my shift! I’ll let you all know how that goes later.

Portion controll and style of food are being inforced now. My bestie and I are bunking/house sitting at her grandparents house, so we get full control of things we eat! I’m lactose intollerant and bestie is gluten interallant and has a soy allergy, so we get to find some fun recipes! I’ve got a recipe book waiting for me at the post office, I can’t wait!!!

I’m making some slow progress on my novel, hoping to get some more written tonight and Friday evening. I’m thinking my next post will be another character biography, so keep an eye out for that! As usual, find me on Twitter and Facebook! I’m looking at branching into Instgram too, so that’s a thing.



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