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Still Chugging Along

I’ve made some decent progress, but losing my charger really set me back. At some point, this book will be finished…some point…

Honestly, the progress that I have made is pretty good; knowing that I’ve come so far in one continuous story, really makes me feel like I’m almost accomplishing something. Characters have come and gone, plot twists are strung and some betrayal has shattered some relationships. All in all, I’m proud of what I’m doing, and that is all that matters. And I thank you all for following me in my campaign of ridiculousness and creative chaos.

Fuck, you all are the best!

I know this is a small post, but I’m working on some rpg campaigns and will posting pictures of my doll repaint soon -hopefully this afternoon! I’ve also been thinking of doing much more cosplay in the next year, so we can all look forward to that craziness along with the usual spew of odd tidbits to come.

Love you all!



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