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Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post, guys! Sorry about the lull in activity, although I’m sure you all have many a thing and blog to have kept you busy in my mild absence. I’ve had my first day of my second job, and my original job actually used my sales idea, so we were getting stuff ready for that. I have been more busy in the last few days than I have been in some time; paper work for the second job, writing on my magnum opus, canning some preserves and pickles…busy bitch, me!

I know, I usually chat about my writing or my work life, but in my search for balance I went out into my garden this morning. Where I found that my cucumber row had once more produced many pounds of product. Usually pickles end up about an inch or so n diameter -mine are two inches. I’ve already had to pickle about twelve jars from the first haul of the season, and this new batch will probably end up giving me at least that many again! And there are more baby cucumbers on the vines -time to find people who like pickles, because my pantry isn’t big enough for a whole season’s worth.

Don’t get me wrong, canning is very fun, I rather enjoy it. This is the year I’ve really found a passion for it! Like, shit, where has this been all my life?! On top of that I made a small, test batch, of peach/mango preserves -and my God, it’s SO fucking good. There are plans to make more next week or so if I have time before the Eclipse, if not it will happen after. Either way, I’m pleased so long as I get some more! If I end up with enough, I would love to sell them street side; bringing in extra money on the side never hurt anyone. 😉

I can’t find my pickles picture, but when I do will post it, as for my preserves, here ya go!

Enjoy the view while I dig deeper into both my psyche and my hobbies!



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