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When it Clicks

Finally! I am feeling my original story again -took long enough! I’ve been working on a side story to keep my mind busy, but I am finally eager and ready to climb back into those characters and tell their tale. 

For anyone who is wondering, I am writing a sci-fi/horror novel (if I can get the word count high enough!) that I plan to publish sometime next year. I know that the self publishing route can be an odd one, but I look forward to the experience regardless. If anyone has any tips or suggestions about self publishing, please, shoot me a message or leave one in the comments section. This will be one of my first published works, and I know it wont be anywhere near perfect, but I hope at least a couple of people read about it and enjoy it.

I’ve plucked my way along for a few chapters now since yesterday -which is a nice flow considering everything else I have going on in my life at the moment. Of course, I will still occasionally work on my short story. It needs love too, as well as some heavy editing and shuffling!

Alright, since this post is titled about “clicking,” I figured I should let you guys read a small snippet of interaction of my story. This is also to celebrate ten followers, as of yesterday! Thanks everyone! <3! What you are about to read is from one of the earlier chapters of my book, please enjoy, leave comments, and don’t steal it. 🙂


After a decade of being friends with Ra, Jamie had finally made the move to Mars. He lived close to the Lunar embassy, in the artificial pod made for Humans to be able to breathe higher levels of oxygen that the Mars surface could not offer. His home was a small apartment, filled with nuts, bolts, half built androids and the occasional pair of briefs. The main wall that faced the outside of the building was made of glass, exposing the rustic landscape; the other walls were a clean chrome, covered in pictures of himself and Ra exploring the lands from both their homeworlds.

A chime leaked from the earpiece in the bedroom, a slightly lower tone that had been set to identify as Ra. This chime was followed by a groan from under the sheets, and the shifting of fabric as Jamie’s hand slid out from under the cover. He fumbled through a few more chimes before finally finding his earpiece and sliding it onto his ear, “Yeah?” He asked in a tired tenor, laced with sleep.

“Are you still coming over this morning?” Ra’s voice came in clearly through the small piece of technology. “Eldritch misses you, we both do. It’s been a week. Come over.” As Ra playfully chided Jamie, Jamie sat up and let the sheets fall to his lap exposing a svelte build with several traditional tribal tattoos around his shoulders and chest. His hair was still mostly in a bun from the day before. He nodded, then remembered that he wasn’t speaking on a holoscreen and made a flicking motion next to his ear, sending the feed to the holoscreen set against the wall his bed rested on.

“Yes, I’m still coming,” Jamie said through a yawn, now seeing his blue skinned friend and his translucent, lightly glowing octopus. The animal had been a gift from the researchers of the Northern icecap (set in Planum Boreum), a native species that lived in the under-crust ocean, under the Vastitas Borealis that circulated the planet just below the Northern icecap. “Hi Eldritch, I’m coming. I just have to actually get dressed and ready.”

Ra pouted, “hurry up would you? I’ve finished my studies for this cycle and today marks the first day of my break. I want to go out to the Gordii Fossae! Don’t you want to go with me?”

“Of course I do! You know I do! Anything to get out of this room is exactly what I want to do!” Jamie rose from the bed and strode his naked form to the closet, leaning in to inspect which clothes were the cleanest. “But, I also need a few minutes to look presentable to the lowest ends of society. Which means-”

“A tank top and your least dirty pants.”

“Yes…it does.” Jamie pulled on his clothes quickly and began to search for his boots, “have you seen my shoes?”

Ra tilted his head slightly, he thought as he pet Eldritch, “I haven’t been in your room for a week, and you’re asking me? Have you checked under the bed?”

Jamie knelt to look under the bed, disappearing from the holoscreen for moment before popping back up with a boot in each hand. “Would you look at that?! You’re a mind reader! You’ve wasted your brain on linguistics, my friend.” With a quick wink Jamie plopped on his bed and slid his boots on, making sure the velcro was laid just perfectly. D3stini pawed her way onto the bed, looking sleek from her recent remodel, and curled up on Jamie’s main pillow. “So, am I meeting you out on the sands? Or at your place?” He asked as he reached over and gave the cat a good stroke.

“Sands, Mother has been in a weird mood all morning, and ‘doesn’t want any noise coming from us.’ Or at least, that was what she said last night over dinner. She’s been acting very queer lately, has your father mentioned anything out of the ordinary to you in the last week or so?” Ra looked concerned as he expressed his mother’s wishes. Eldritch, on the other hand, was happily sucking on one of the heads of a native Martian fish, a Lokoi (green and black striped creature, two-headed, in Jamie’s opinion not the best sushi he had ever had).

“Not really no,” Jamie thought back over the last week or so and realised he hadn’t heard much from his father, “Dad’s been really silent lately, actually. Which is a little weird, since Mom’s anniversary isn’t for a couple more months. I’ll give him a call on the way over, see if there is anything fishy going on.”

“You said that because of Eldritch, didn’t you?” Ra said flatly, rather unimpressed.

“Yes, yes I did. See you in a bit!” Jamie brought his index finger up to his ear and pressed the end button, watching his friend disappear before him. Rising from his bed he made quick work of breakfast, adding just enough water to his MRE for his eggs to not be just powder in the bowl. Once that was gagged down, and the silent wish for payday to come sooner was uttered over the empty bowl, Jamie snagged his bag off the counter and walked out of his apartment. He was ground level, which meant no stairs, and also meant that he was walking right out on the main street to enter the flood other humans making their rounds.


Hope you liked it, if not, let me know why in the comments and I will take it as casual editing. I look forward to hearing from you! That’s all for today, should be back on in another day or so if I can think of something to write.



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