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Working, Writing and Other

Well, I officially have a second job! Now I can actually -hopefully- afford to live and keep writing; one can only be a “starving artist” for so long without actually dying, you know? Last post I was speaking about multitasking between jobs and hobbies and life, and now I am putting myself to the ULTIMATE test: Adulting. For those of you who have never heard the term, it means to have at least one job, keep sane and do as best as possible to be responsible and save your money. Well, that’s close enough to the actual definition anyways!

So now that I have two jobs, I get to figure out how my free time will be allotted. *sighs deeply at laptop* This will be a challenge, for sure. I’m in the middle of editing a story for my mum, encouraging my friend to keep working on her own stories and hobbies while also pushing gently to help both of us get in shape, and I’ve got two stories of my own I need to be working on. Talk about a decent amount of things! Not to mention driving and travel, other hobbies -I’m slowly adding 40k to my list of fun things- and keeping up my lax work out routine. I have no idea how it’s all going to work out, but I’m excited for the challenge of it all -even if it is daunting.

On top of everything Rose City Comic Con is coming up fast, and I don’t know if my OC Twi’lek will be ready or not! I may have to settle and go as my Silent Hill Nurse instead; maybe even enter it into the contest…maybe.

Needless to say I have a lot on my mind.

Later today I get to fill out my entry paperwork for my second job, so that is at least nice, minus the drive in the fucking heat. For those who don’t know, Oregon/Pacific North West is in a heat wave…this is not my natural climate. I want it to rain, I want 50’s for temperature! But no. We get 100’s for days, hasn’t rained in a little over a month and it seems to have no end. So on top of all of these things, I’m hot and sweaty and miserable. That makes things so much easier. So much.

Thanks for letting me rant! Let me know what you’re going through in the comments and we can rant about shit together! Until next time, I’m going to use my lovely free time today to work on my main story and hopefully get a couple of chapters in. 🙂



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