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Finding the Perfect Ratio

Work, play, social life, hobbies, self…it all needs to work out into something called a life. Or something, at least sort of close to a life. But how the fuck does it all fit in and I get to still be sane? Like, there is no way. No possible way! 

Between two stories, creating my table top role play campaign, eating, working out, breathing, talking to my friend, and trying to find a second job…I don’t know how I’m managing to get seven hours of sleep a night, let alone not be swamped everyday with overwhelming anxiety.  Sure, we all have the one person in our lives that seems to have their shit together, they are the perfect God/Goddess of Human life -as if they know the perfect pie-chart for making it through life, and managing to keep everything in balance.

Come now, we all know those people cry deep tears into their ice cream at night, because they still feel like they aren’t good enough. Even though they appear to have it all under control.

Personally, I own not having it all together. No one does. Sure, I cry into my almond based ice cream every so often like every other human, but it isn’t because I need people’s approval. Being an introvert, naturally, I could care less about having my shit together; what’s the point? I mean I showed up to work…dressed and hair in some sort of bun…and may end up getting in a hobby or a work out by the end of the day. Done. Humanly possible, achievable and above all else: I don’t judge myself for it.

I don’t know my perfect ratio. No one does, and no one truly will. You may get close, in that case good for you, and I look forward to achieving the same almost peace of mind. If you aren’t there yet, I send you the best of luck vibes. As for me, I am still working on myself to try to find my ratio -whatever the fuck that might be!

Final note: thanks for the new likes and followers guys! I didn’t think people would actually read my blog, let alone actively let it into their mailboxes. 😉


~<3 H&A


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