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Is That the End or the Beginning?

My short story is mostly done, in theory. I had a friend of mine read through it and she gave me some good advice: “rearrange it.” 

I’m the worst -talking, human trash level- at looking back over my own writing. So this advice sort of struck a sour note at first; I’m thinking ‘gross, shit, there is no way I’m doing that!’ But then I really thought about what she had said. Like, deep thinking thought kind of think. Going back to the short story, I reread it, and realized she was right -among her other correct corrections- and the order could benefit from being tossed around. A little salad toss, if you will.

The story is only four thousand words at the moment, and with the transitions, some luck and shuffling of scenes, it probably end up near ten thousand. But now the trick will be deciding which order to put everything!

Total, there’s maybe six or seven scenes -may post one at some point after I publish it, so the internet can get a free taste- and I am currently playing Tetris with. All of them can work in any order, thankfully, so that’s nice. But when it comes to the order of it all…damn, I wish this thing had an instruction booklet! Of course, if it did, why even write it? Am I write? See what I did there? That’s a pun…my choice of torture for the public to have to endure.

Pun’s aside, though wonderful they are not the point, I will continue to try to shuffle this thing around until I find the correct combination. Ever had this problem? Let me know, I’m always eager to pick a brain.



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