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Ever had one of those days, when all you want to do is write, but everything demands your attention? Right now? That’s how my damn day went.  Continue reading “Interruptions”

Creative · Hobbies · New · Thoughts · Writing

Promotion Attempt #1

Someday, buy my book. There, done, can check that off my list. Shit, that’s akward.

Long story short, my story is still very much in “beta,” but I would love some feedback for certain sections. This is called trying to get my “fan base” “involved” with what I’m creating. Over the next week I will be posting more snipits of what I’ve got so far, and asking you all for feedback on them. I think that a balance of editing and writing will help me better to mold my ideas into story lines. If that makes sense to somebody, then, hoorah!

I will also be hashing out some actual character bios, along with maybe some drawn up bust shots of what I feel they look like -get ready for some, hopefully, interesting things! If you have any questions, or just feel like probing into someone’s creative process, please, ask me in the comments.